Beach Boutique Miami

Hi, My name is Patricia Costa.

This is my home, my gallery of the most on trend, highest quality, happiest shopping encounter that I hope you ever have.

Here it is about you, dressing, fitting and finding the pieces that you love and covet to wear.

I am also a jewelry designer, and I have just recently opened a private extension to my store called Afternoon at the Beach.  It is a dream space where you sit with me under a gorgeous chandelier and play with diamond slices, rubies, semi precious stones as I design heavenly jeweled creations for you.

Our designers are Hot!

Ulla Johnson, Raquel Allegra, Alice McCall, Kes,  Closed Denim, Carolina K, Mes Des Moiselles to name a few.

Hope to see you here!


Contact us at: (305) 531 8908